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(only applies when components are supplied by the customer)

Why spare components are necessary?

  • Optical recognition of components used by the pick and place machine is not a 100% predictable process. Because of this some portion of the components are being trashed by the machine.
  • When components are being fed into the feeders, some of them at the beginning of the tape will fall off.

High cost components

If you have special, high cost components, we can make an exception. Please contact us with the details.

Delivery form of the components

We can handle reels, tubes, trays, even cut tape strips. Bulk packaging of the components may result in surcharge if additional preparation (e.g. sorting or arranging) is needed.


When the components are provided by the customer it's the customer's responsibility to check the component quantites and values. It sometimes occur that the distributor delivers different quantity / part than the customer ordered. Upon arrival of customer supplied compoents we only check the labels of the components but we do not actually count the components. Also, the component values aren't cheked upon arrival of the components. They're however measured when the components are placed on the machine for assembly. Please note that because of the fact we measure the components only when all the components are set up on the machine, we can only skip any problematic part (or if we eventually have the correct part on stock we can use that). We cannot stop and postpone the assembly process that time.

Component package Spare required
0201, 0402
+10% but at least +10 pcs
0603, 0805, 1206
+10% but at least +5 pcs
1210 and bigger CHIP components
+5% but at least +3 pcs
+5% but at least +3 pcs
SMC, SOT-223, DPAK, SMT quartz, bigger inductors
+2% but at least +3 pcs
Tantalum and electrolytic capacitors
+2% but at least +2 pcs
No spare reuqired for large and / or expensive components. If the component is small or cheap, please provide a few extra pieces.
SMD connectors
No spare reuqired for large connectors. If it's small, please provide a few extra pieces.